Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have any stockists/physical stores?

We sell through our website only; this is how we're able to sell luxury-quality products at a fraction of the price of traditional luxury brands. We know that nothing compares to seeing something in real life though. If you'd like to get more of a sense of a particular product, you can check out our product pages.

2. Can I split the payment across multiple credit cards?

Unfortunately it's not possible to split payment across multiple payment methods.

3. Do you offer payment by installment?

We currently do not offer payment by installment.

4. Where are your products assembled? Do you have ethical labour practices?

Our jewelry is manufactured in China.

We care a lot about sustainability and doing right. We screen all of our suppliers to ensure that their values are consistent with ours. We look for clean and safe working environments and observe how employees are treated. We have personally visited and tested over dozens of factories across Europe and Asia, choosing partners that have a long-term approach with their employees. This not only results in better working environments for the employees, but also a staff of organized and highly trained teams who can consistently make high-quality products with care!

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